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City of Pleasanton Salutes LMA

LMA Productions was recognized by Pleasanton's City Council on its 20th Anniversary of business in the community.  LMA was acknowledged for its outstanding contributions in the field of corporate & marketing media productions.


Studio Control Room PDF 

Our Live Control Room is the best way to bring your multi-camera switched video production to life. Everything you need is here in an installed system, wired up and ready for you to walk in and put your show on tape, or live to the world.  

Need Live Action Chroma Key Compositing?  Your SD or HD green screen session can be a lot more productive if you can actually see your subject over the background in real time, as you shoot.  We'll chroma key the foreground action over the moving background (or stationary background) so you can get the positioning and action perfect on the set instead of having to fix it later.  No post production surprises.

Want it live?  We'll uplink it to satellite, webcast, streaming, fiber or Vyvx. 

Telephone call-in?  Give us the 800 number and we'll put it on screen.  

What about a studio audience?  Hey, with a 3000 square foot stage it's no problem.

LMA has one of the most complete control rooms in the Bay Area, and the largest stage with a control room in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Sony BVS-3200c Component Switcher
Sony BVW Component Betacam Recorders, DVCam
Legacy Sony D-2 Digital Videotape and 1" video conversion
Live-action Green Screen or Blue Screen Compositing ("Chroma Keying" similar to "Ultimatte")
DME-5000 3D Digital Multi-Effects
Abekas A-72 Character Generator
CMX Editor/Synchronized recording controller
Monitor Wall has a Variety of color and B/W (4:3/16:9) Video Monitors
MXP-2900 16 x 4 x 4 x 2 Automated Audio Mixer
Clearcom intercom system
telephone interfaces for live phone call-in (Gentners)
Camera/CCU Tie Lines built in to connect Stage
Broadcast Cameras and tripods, Multi-Camera Switching
CD, Cassette, 1/4 Reel, VHS, etc.
Graphics and 3D Animation

and of course, we have the right crew to make it all work (or bring your own)